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I don't know why, but I find the Lost-esque flashbacks boring.
I find the flashbacks fascinating. Everyone has a story.

I did find the episode very confusing because Logan doesn't seem to age. I actually thought the outdoor support group was from back then. Though why is the woman in charge in that group? Didn't she lose her sister recently? And then they turned on him when they found out he got his wife back.

And even more confusing when Shanice with with her family and then all of a sudden she was with Andre.

Mildred was quite scary and I wish that hadn't happened. This isn't like the other CW shows where having super powers means you don't kill unless you're one of the villains. And at this point Mildred seems like a villain, I know the government and who knows who else is not on the right side, but no one should be killing them.

The pastor at least realizes the contracts may be a bad thing, when he was supporting them at first.

I paused to look at the computer code and yes, that is COBOL. It is real.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts