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jtseltmann said:
Today was the day...all three TivoHD's installed, six cable cards in all. Had little problems with the cards..only one was deemed bad. It just took a lot of time for the firmware updates on each and the guided setup each time...all in all it took only about 2 hrs for the cable guy and a bit more for the final reruns of the guided set up.

We'll see how the PQ is and the stability...I am very hopeful. I love the new Tivo...after having the DTV light version...this is going to be great.

I'm a happy guy today! :)
Just think about it. When MRV rolls in November, you'll have (6) tuners capable of recording and serving up content to any of your TV's. Yes, I know, maybe limited by copy protection on some content, but still.... (6) independent tuners and MRV, it's awesome.
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