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Thanks in advance for the help folks. I just picked up a new Tivo HD Series 3 yesterday.

Question 1: After downloading some HD movie trailers from Apple I put them in the "My Tivo Recordings" folder. I then went to the "Whats Playing" menu to watch these HD trailers and there was nothing there. Why are these videos not showing up on the "Whats playing" menu? There just some simple Apple movie previews.

Question 2: After removing all the DRM (Shhh) from all my Itunes songs they are still not playing on the Tivo. Is this because they are in MPEG4 audio? Do I now have to convert all 5 gigs of my music to MP3?

Question 3: Whats the scoop on the ESATA external storage connection?

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If you want to play Apple AAC files, you'll need to run software that will do the conversion. J.River Media Center is one such.

TiVo says that the eSATA connector will be enabled "in the future".

I don't think that TiVo knows how to play QuickTime video, but this is an area I have not studied.

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eSata is not "officially" enabled on the S3, but it does work eSata thread

that's for the S3.. not the TivoHD, the TivoHD is on tap to get eSata enabled, but a firm date has not been set, the S3 while unofficial, is working now.

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