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2 TB Upgrade Service for HD

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1. Is there a service that will upgrade a HD or HD/LX to 2TB? I prefer not to do it myself. I prefer a local one but I'll ship out the TiVo. If so, will someone please either post or PM me on the particulars?

2. Can that service also copy ALL existing recordings (including copy protected ones) over to the new internal drive?

I'm guessing that #1 is "yes" and #2 is "no" but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

(Sorry but my search didn't yield any answers to these questions.)

Edited: I see an ad for an upgrade service so I'll also inquire there.
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It's so easy to replace a hard drive, you really should give it a shot and save a lot of money. Just purchase a drive that already has the Tivo software on it from an ebay seller.

However, Weaknees and others can do what you want, but it won't be inexpensive.
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