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Surprised I couldn't find a thread on this episode yet. :up: :up: :up: for the vanity card at the end.

I missed the punchline to the cupcake joke at the end between the end of 2.5 Men and Courtin Alex. Someone fill me in?

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danielhart said:
The second cupcake said to the first cupcake "Hey - a talking cupcake!"

The past two eps of this show have been hilarious IMO. This show has really found its stride. :up:
I don't recall many episodes where this show wasn't in stride. From the get go, my wife and I have found it pretty consistantly funny.

"Holy Crap a talking muffin!" My wife completly misheard that line which made the joke not make any sense to her untill she told me later and I repeated it for her. That's a little extra comedy gold for me :up: :D :up: when she does that.

Also, I would recomment not abbreviating the show title like that in the thread name. It made it not stand out for me in the thread list. Could be problematic for others and seriously reduce the amount of chatter we get about this show.
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