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16:9 Aspect Ratio via S-Video cable

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Does anyone know for sure if the new Tivo HD DVR outputs an anamorphic 16:9 widescreen program thru the S-Video cable?

I live in the country and do not have cable TV. I will be recording the HD signal via my Over-the-Air antenna then transferring the program to my Panasonic DVD recorder via the S-Video connector.

I have read that some cable boxes convert the video to 4:3 (with burned in black bars) when anything but the HDMI or Component cables are used. This happens even if the cable box is set up to output 16:9. I want to make sure the Tivo does not do the same thing.

I realize the program will be in standard definition, but when I save programs to DVD (via the S-Video cable) I will want to preserve the anamorphic 16:9 aspect ratio.

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Yes, if you monkey with the settings, you will get what you need. I don't know the exact ones offhand, but it can be done.

TV Aspect Ratio - 4x3, 16x9
Aspect Mode - Panel, Full, Zoom

(it ain't zoom.) ;)
If you set the Series3 or TiVoHD to show 16x9, then the output via composite/s-video will be "squished" and should make a DVD that will play back properly on a 16x9 TV. I wish this was optional, as I'd like to connect a 4x3 TV to my Series3 along with a 16x9 HDTV and have them both look right.
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