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16:9 Aspect Ratio via S-Video cable

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Does anyone know for sure if the new Tivo HD DVR outputs an anamorphic 16:9 widescreen program thru the S-Video cable? I live in the country and do not have cable TV. I will be recording the HD signal via my Over-the-Air antenna then transferring the program to my Panasonic DVD recorder via the S-Video connector.

I have read that some cable boxes convert the video to 4:3 (with burned in black bars) when anything but the HDMI or Component cables are used. This happens even if the cable box is set up to output 16:9. I want to make sure the Tivo does do the same.

I realize the program will be in standard definition, but when I save programs to DVD (via the S-Video cable) I will want to preserve the anamorphic 16:9 aspect ratio.

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Yes, if you have 16:9 set in Settings -> Video, the Tivo will output high-definition content as anamorphic 16:9 widescreen 480i through the SD outputs.
You might be able to use the 4:3 Smart-screen option as well. Your TiVo will then include a signal (in the VBI with CC info, I believe) that indicates that the video is anamorphic. Some 4:3 TVs can detect that signal and automatically letterbox the video by squeezing the scanlines closer together (no image data is lost).

Some DVD recorders can also recognize this signal and mark the recorded video as anamorphic as well, so you can play the recorded DVD back on a standard set and have it letterboxed like a store-bought DVD would. Check to see if your recorder supports this. Even if it doesn't, the video will still be recorded stretched so it can be displayed anamorphic.
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