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11 days and counting

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it is taking an extra long time to activate my sub for some reason and was wondering if anyone here is actually an associate of TiVo that can expidite the problem?

or is that taboo?

i wanna get some shows off the tivo via TTG. i am running out of room with my new-found toy.
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You subscribed with a monthly at TiVo.com or online 11 days ago and the TiVo is still not active? You should call TiVo Phone Support your TiVo should of been activated by now.
i did a phone order. prepaid for 3 years. got the system sent and arrived in a timely manner but,

have spoke to 5 support staff members who all claimed that they could activate my DVR in the last 11 days. have had 2 additions to my 'temp' status so i am still able to record and watch.

i cannot use TTG or web scheduling as my DVR is not active and i am running out of room to save the recorded showes. family watches as many as we can then we delete to make room.
What is the status of the TiVo at TiVo Manage My Account
still says no active DVR in red with my info under it and does show my order on a link as correct info.

and on the TiVo system info screen it says for subscrition as "4 internal testing"
I think only the people at TiVo can make this happen.

Just to be sure it is not something on your end I would check the connection to the TiVo servers by forcing a connection from "TiVo Central" --> "Messages & Settings" --> "Settings" --> "Phone & Network" --> "Connect to the TiVo service now" check the "Status" In the "Phone & Network" page it there should be a status messages in the upper left hand corner of the box "Success" when completed and "In progress" while connecting and processing.
yeah connection is not a problem. can force anytime with success and does the normal daily connection
Put TiVo support on speed dial, there must be a TSN mismatch somewhere.

Let us know what the solution is.
talk to tivo today,

appearently they put a hold on my creditcard for the amount of the order but never charged me. so when the hold fell off no creditcard info was available so no way to subscribe to my plan. (boy that was fun to type)

anyhow problem NO.2 is now that i have gone thru so many days i am not allowed any more 'temp' status. so now my status ends saturday unless tivo comes up with more temp status.

and thru all this problem NO.3 shows up. with all the info from the wonderful people here i find out that the same box i have paid (or should i say will pay) $85 for is now being given away for free. thats right a S2 DT for FREE but since i have not been charged anything i cannot get a refund and to get the discount i would have to send back, at my cost????, the current unit. boy is this confusing and dumb.
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I believe you have 30 days to return a box/package, so you should be able to send back and repurchase with the other discount....i think
jlb said:
I believe you have 30 days to return a box/package, so you should be able to send back and repurchase with the other discount....i think
yeah I think he would have to eat the shipping costs of the return, but that is only like 10 dollars or so...

that is what I would do.... when you order those units they are pre-programmed, so he should have no problems with them.
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