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10-250 reboot after Clear and delete

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So, my 10-250 was starting to have some bizarre behavior, the shows in the NPL would show and I could press play to watch them, but if I selected the show it would not bring up the info screen for that show and would just come right back to the NPL. Since it was doing this for all shows first I tried clearing the todo list and program data, unfortunately, this resulted in the Tivo not scheduling any new recordings at all and I hadn't noticed this and missed some shows last night. When I noticed nothing was scheduled to record I tried setting up a new Season pass to see if it would work and got an error #32 (I think, can't remember now) so I decided I might as well clear and delete all since I figured it was the best chance.

After going through the C&D I went back through guided setup, and got to live TV, I tried to record something to see if it was fixed and it says it needs to dial out and connect to the Tivo service before it will record (my unit is hacked with fakecall installed but it might not be the correct version) When the unit tries to call it gets to the dialing step and then reboots every time. I also noticed I have lost telnet access into the Tivo with the C&D, but I don't remember it losing that ability on my other Tivo with I did a C&D earlier this year.

I'm probably going to connect it via serial cable and see if I can get into it later and either remove or update fakecall if I can, but was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions or ideas that might help in this situation.
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What you are describing sounds like a dead drive. I would also suspect a bad power supply, but that generally comes with smart card issues. Try running the internal hard drive(s) off an external power supply and see if anything improves.

The "you need to dial out" is an indication of DVR service not being enabled. Go check the system info screen to see if it's seeing the correct settings from the sats. You can have DTV re-hit the unit via:

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