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Hello All,

I am jumping into the HD arena next week when I move and have some questions. I am looking to record to DVD from the 10-250 via the "save to VCR" function. But I am also looking for an upconverting DVD player for watching standard DVD's on the same set. My new Sony Bravia LCD has 1 HDMI and multiple RCA and component inputs. So,

1. Is there an upconverting DVD Player that also records that any of you have found?

2. Can I keep my connections simple? Now, on my SD DVR, I send the DVR signal via RCA cables to my DVD player, which passes it on via RCA cables to the TV. Can I do the same with the new HD DVR (via component) or do I need to keep the HD signal to the TV via component and the signal to record to DVD seperate via composite? That would require a completely seperate set of connections to the TV from the DVD to play back a DVD, which I would hope to avoid.

I hope these questions make sense.

TV Specs here: http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INT...oot&ProductSKU=KDLV32XBR1&TabName=specs&var2=

Thank you.

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My Philips DVD-R75 recorder has Component IN and outs, which could allow me to pass the Component outs from the HR10-250 to the DVD Recorder, then out to the TV, if I wanted but I use the HDMI out instead(component outputs don't work if HDMI is used). That's not to say it would record the HD program in HD(It won't) but the passthru "should" pass the HD signal thru as HD to my TV. I haven't tried it tho.

The way I have my setup tho is I use the HDMI to DVI conversion cable for my connection of the HR10-250 to my TV(optical TOSLink cable to receiver for 5.1 audio), then I also run an S-Video cable + rca cables for audio to my DVD recorder. When I record the only thing I need to remember is to put the HR10-250 into 480i mode, so it will pass a picture thru the S-Video cable to the DVD recorder.


I don't know about other DVD Recorders, but after doing a quick search elsewhere, it doesn't look like my DVDR75 will pass an HD signal thru to a TV, even just using the pass thru option, so this probably won't work either. I'll have to give it a try, one of these days and see what it does do.
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