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  1. TiVo Mini
    Errors: V878 (streaming box offline), V69 (network not fast enough) this is the most common. Sometimes "Try again" works, maybe 50/50. ASUS AiMesh WiFi: RT-AX89X (base), (2) ZenWiFi Pro ET12 (Mesh nodes) 1GB internet, tests as 450-700MB from other WiFi clients Edge on Ethernet or WiFi on one...
  2. TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion
    I have a TiVo Roamio OTA 500 GB DVR and Streaming Media Player (2014 Model) with two (2) TiVo Mini TCDA93000, although only one of them is installed at this time. I also have two MoCA POE Filters, two Actiontec Ethernet to Coax MoCA Network Adapter ECB2500C bridges, and two bi-directional coax...
  3. TiVo Help Center
    This problem seems to have coincided with the recent upgrade allowing the "skip commercial" feature during playback. May be coincidence, may not. Just putting it out there. Anyway, I have a simple Roamio and mini setup. The Roamio is connected to my home network wirelessly, and the mini is...
  4. TiVo Help Center
    I have two Premieres connected via a powerline networking kit. I get constant v69 errors even though speed tests show 20+Mbps. I have rebooted every component multiple times but still get the error. Any thought or suggestions would be much appreciated! LC
1-4 of 4 Results