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  1. eBay Auction Central
    Update - GONE! I just canceled cable so now I have an extra used Tivo Bolt (500GB, made in 2017). Comes with three remote controls and two power adapters. Plus, a Vox remote control (never used because it doesn't seem to work with the Bolt). I have a second Bolt - same model - not currently...
  2. TiVo Mini
    I want to buy a used Mini. Is there a charge to switch it from the old owner to my account?
  3. TiVo Help Center
    First post, long time reader. So much thanks for the information that is here. I grow more and more fond of this forum every call I make to Tivo CS….. :) Background: Its hard to get Tivos in Canada: Best buy, Tivo.com Amazon.com, wont ship it. Amazon Canada is *NOW* sold out (i got...
  4. Buyer/Seller Area
    Hi all, longtime member/ never poster. I have had a series 2 for YEARS and during my move this month it just died. The former cable company had a premiere but new place cable company charges a million bucks for a non tivo DVR. bah! So Im currently dvr free and looking to buy a used but...
1-4 of 4 Results