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  1. TiVo Stream 4K
    Brand new Tivo Stream 4K won't connect to my home WiFi network. Swapped my old router in, different 2.4 and 5K WiFi network but still can't connect. Plugged in the TS4K to an Ethernet / USB-C adapter, no effect. Rebooted the TS4K device twice, rebooted the router once. Goes to Select...
  2. TiVo Stream 4K
    Yesterday I moved my apps to a USB 3.0 32GB Flash drive i had laying around. I have it connected to the USB-C port using a USB-C to USB A adapter. My tivo stream 4k recognized the flash drive and I was able to format the drive successfully as device storage. But I noticed once I moved my apps to...
1-2 of 2 Results