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  1. TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion
    Wishlist actors list hardly has any actors. They are all there on the text search, but very few for WishLists. This started with my most recent update. (Not at home now to see ver #.) TiVo has never fixed this issue which is been going on for a year or so (when I put in a form): Delete the...
  2. TiVo Help Center
    I have lost guide data. I turned on my Bolt and it took me through guided setup. My one passes and wish lists were there, but obviously no to do list without guide data. It’s now loading guide data as if it were out of the box. Recorded content is there. Has anyone seen this? If it matters, we...
  3. TiVo Help Center
    This has always been a minor problem once in a while but lately my TODO list is filled with dozens and dozens of shows I have a OnePass for but are not new. And they don't go away either. If I don't cancel them THEY RECORD! I am now spending ten minutes each day canceling episodes. My ONEPASS...
  4. TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer
    I upgraded to a new Tivo Bolt Vox at the end of November from a Premiere. Everything is working fine except I can't get the streaming setup to complete on my iPhone or iPad. I have tried on multiple iPhones and on my iPad and usually immediately get an error that setup failed, although at the...
1-4 of 5 Results