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  1. Buyer/Seller Area
    first time selling anything on here so make me an offer, etc.. happy to organize everything a little better for pictures if requested.
    $200 USD
  2. eBay Auction Central
    SOLD on 5/5/20 - Thank You! TiVo Roamio Plus (1TB) Lifetime With 4 TiVo Mini Lifetime - Excellent Condition Sell by best offer to anyone in the forum via PayPal/Venmo or local meet up if you are in Minnesota. Thanks. Tivo Roamio Plus (1TB) Lifetime With 4 TiVo Mini Lifetime - Excellent...
  3. TiVo Roamio DVRs
    Is it possible to use the TiVO Slide remote on a Roamio Plus? I tried setting it up and it works but the keyboard does not work. Also everytime I press a button, the activity light flashes amber for about a minute like its stuck in some mode.
  4. eBay Auction Central
    TiVo Roamio Plus DVR TCD848000 with Lifetime Service | eBay TiVo Mini Receiver TCDA93000 - Lifetime Service - RF remote 851342000247 | eBay TiVo mini TCDA92000 - Lifetime Service - Used Great Condition | eBay I'm a longtime TiVo user looking to sell a Roamio Plus and 4 Minis all with...
  5. eBay Auction Central
    I have an extra Tivo Roamio Plus that I'd like to sell. I tested it and it works, but no lifetime on it. Comes with remote and power cable. I'd prefer to not have to box it up and ship it. I'm in Eastern Mass. I'll take the best offer I get.
1-5 of 5 Results