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  1. TiVo Mini
    I currently have a TiVo bolt about a year ago I bought the TiVo mini for future use I currently moved to a new home and I have a room with no coax cable I am trying to set up the TiVo Mini with the Wi-Fi adapter the problem is when I go to the set up it does not recognize the wireless adapter it...
  2. TiVo Mini
    I have a TV mini and a main Tivo (BOLT VOX) connected via ethernet. I've had issues where the mini could not connect to the main tivo, intermittently. This persisted, but was not using it much so didn't do much about it. Then I updated my wifi to a TP Link Mesh Deco P9 system. I was able to...
  3. TiVo Mini
    Hey everyone- So, I work for an internet and tv provider and even consulting with techs and higher ups, we can't figure out how my service isn't working. I'll break it down: Our headend tower is on one end of town. 100+ft up the tower, I have a LigoWave antenna that is hooked to ethernet cable...
1-3 of 3 Results