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  1. TiVo Stream 4K
    Hi all, In an effort not to resurrect some old threads, I'd like to ask if anyone has found a way to fix broken sound output, where it'll always and only output Dolby Digital 5.1. This works great for 5.1 sources, but does not work so well for 2.0 stereo sources (i.e YouTube), since my AVR...
  2. TiVo Stream 4K
    I just bought the Tivo Stream 4k and I desperately want to connect it to my stereo which needs a rca connection and hdmi to my tv. I have tried 3 different audio extractors and can not get it to work. Any suggestions for what I may be doing wrong? Or any suggestions for a specific audio...
  3. TiVo Help Center
    I have a Rotel 1520 integrated amplifier that I want to hook up to my tivo bolt. My older version Premiere XL used a red and white cable connection. The new Bolt does not use this connection. How do I connect my amp to the tivo bolt using the red and white connectors?
  4. TiVo Help Center
    I recently discovered that on some of our Comcast channels, my receiver is only outputting in stereo as opposed to Dolby Digital 5.1. Many of the other channels do properly output in 5.1. Additionally, streaming services seem to work fine in DD 5.1. The Comcast channels that are only outputting...
1-4 of 5 Results