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  1. Season Pass Alerts
    While playing whack-a-mole, trying to remove Teen Titans Go! reruns mislabeled as new, I noticed Roseanne was on Sunday, December 6th. On closer look, it appears to be season 10 (season 1 of the reboot). COZI TV "COZI TV airs all nine original Roseanne seasons (1988-1997) as well as the tenth...
  2. Season Pass Alerts
    Months ago, I was able to modify the original Roseanne OnePass to "Start from: Season 10". Apparently, that's no longer good. For whatever reason, TiVo decided to put season 10 under a new series ID. So, for whoever is planning on recording season 10 onward, look to March 27th and set a brand...
1-2 of 2 Results