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  1. Developers Corner
    Just thinking again about the HTML 5 Opera features available and an abandoned HME UI-replacement project I was thinking about long ago (abandoned because it couldn't include closed captioning). It seems like it might be possible to do it with Opera (I believe that has all the CC support...
  2. Developers Corner
    Thanks to Riley Newson and Allanon, I did a little more investigation and now I know the following is available in TiVo HTML5 Apps. I ran some code directly on my Roamio as well as on my Mini (which runs the same older version 12 of Opera as my Premiere) and got details. (the notations I'm using...
  3. Developers Corner
    Anybody upgraded? Can you "Add an App?" If so, can custom apps get selected in the home shortcuts? If the general answer is "no" is anything from Enter Webz available as a home shortcut? If so, that would mean Genres drive it. Oh... I guess the enterwebz.tv default app list doesn't include...
1-3 of 3 Results