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  1. TiVo Mini
    I have 2 tivo minis that both ran great on my old bolt. When I upgraded to an edge, it forced me to upgrade my minis. Ever since that upgrade my minis have been plagued with problems. It seems like I can only ever use them for core functions like watching recorded shows or live TV, and even that...
  2. TiVo Mini
    2/5 Update: I just realized that there is a typo in the discussion title. I accidentally typed a #1 instead of an !. It should read: Mini Freezes when directly typing in Channel Number! A few months ago both of my mini's started freezing when I tried to change the channel by typing the channel...
  3. TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer
    Never happened before, but since I upgraded to the new Experience, TIVO Mini completely locks up with a black screen when some Amazon Prime movies start. Only way to fix that is to cycle Mini power. Then trying the same movie again yields the same result. Live TV never does this, and Amazon is...
1-3 of 3 Results