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  1. TiVo NZ/Australia
    Hi folks I traded my two tivo’s In for the Fetch. I then removed my TiVo desktop and TiVo server software thinking I wouldn’t need them again. 12 months later I found a couple of old .TIVO files and I went to edit them with VideReDo - no good as it needs my media access key.... No TiVo to...
  2. TiVo Home Media Features & TiVoToGo
    Since the release of Windows 10, for me, TiVo Desktop has never worked properly. Clearly, I seem to be the only one facing this issue (or at least the only one who has chosen to report it), as I have yet to come across a report of this problem on any support forum since I chose to upgrade to...
1-2 of 2 Results