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  1. Season Pass Alerts
    The next new episode ("Zari, Not Zari") of DC's Legends of Tomorrow will finally air on Tuesday, April 21. I had to force it to record as it is not flagged as new; the guide has the originally scheduled air date from late March. Hopefully this gets fixed in a guide update, but you might...
  2. Season Pass Alerts
    A gentle reminder that "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" returns from hiatus *tonight* in a new timeslot, Mondays at 8pm (EST/PST). Season Pass should pick it up, unless you have other conflicts with its new location. btw, tonight's episode is the full appearance of guest Matt Ryan as John Constantine.
  3. Now Playing - TV Show Talk
    Did anyone else see the last episode? Beebo the God of War, episode? It had me cracking up.
1-3 of 3 Results