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  1. TiVo Help Center
    I am using Telnet to send keypresses to my Tivo Premiere. Does anyone know what the commands are for the A, B, C, and D letters? Thanks!
  2. TiVo Help Center
    The VOX remote apparently only has full functionality (voice) in RF mode, but my SONOS Playbar will only accept IR signals for volume control. Is there an accessory that could convert the RF to IR signal so that I could leave the remote in RF mode to be able to use the voice features and still...
  3. TiVo Help Center
    Can I put my mini v2 in a cabinet and use the RF mode to control it and at the same time use the ir mode to control my soundbar (zvox)? I know I can do control both in ir mode but is it possible to use the combination ir/rf? Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results