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  1. TiVo Help Center
    I want to thank the community in advance for answering my question. And if I've posted in the wrong forum, my apologies and let me know where to post. Thanks. Sony Bravio XBR Humax TiVo DRT400 - Series 2 Slingbox 500 Motorola DCT2000 <-- This is the problematic Comcast/Xfinity cable box :(...
  2. TiVo Upgrade Center
    I have a few questions about my TiVo Series 2. I used MFS tools a few years ago to replace my 80GB OEM drive that came with the TiVo with a nice 160GB drive I pulled out of an old PC. It ran for 5 years and I was quite happy with it till it died recently. I do have a spare 250GB IDE drive but I...
  3. TiVo Help Center
    My Series 2 Humax TiVo with DVD burner has finally given up the ghost. I think. I came home yesterday and both lights were lit, just like when it's rebooting. Well, it was stuck in this cycle: Welcome screen, blink to black, Welcome screen, You're Almost There screen, another blink, and then...
  4. DVD TiVo Units (Archive)
    Calling all oldtimers....I mean Humax drt800 experts:up: For faster transfers and ease of set up should I use: 1. AGO100 wireless G 2. ANO100 wireless N "bridged" Please consider I have little to no Tivo knowledge and even less computer literacy,:eek: THANKS VERY MUCH for any help:)
  5. Buyer/Seller Area
    I've an ancient Humax Tivo (the one with the DVD player). It was at my in-laws house and was working fine when it was taken offline. Which was probably, yikes, like 6 years ago. I upgraded them to a TivoHD. This has been sitting around in it's original box since then. It's gotta go. Anyone...
1-5 of 5 Results