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  1. Developers Corner
    Thanks to Riley Newson and Allanon, I did a little more investigation and now I know the following is available in TiVo HTML5 Apps. I ran some code directly on my Roamio as well as on my Mini (which runs the same older version 12 of Opera as my Premiere) and got details. (the notations I'm using...
  2. Developers Corner
    Hi, I am working on developing a HTML5 app for Tivo box and reading some documentation provided to me, the document indicates that i should be using WDK to access certain APIs to access Parental controls etc. I have googled to find where I can download this kit from but have been...
  3. Developers Corner
    I am looking to develop an app for TiVo using HTML but don't really know where to start or if this is actually possible. I have an account at developer.tivo.com but I can't find any documentation there except for the TiVo Control API and I don't think that is what I am looking for. Looking...
1-3 of 3 Results