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  1. TiVo Roamio DVRs
    I'm a long-time TiVo user. I have a Roamio and Fios as my provider. I generally record and watch only HD shows/channels. For all channels that have both HD and Lo-Def versions, I remove the Lo-Def version from "My Channels". All my season passes and normal recordings set up directly...
  2. TiVo Help Center
    I was a Tivo user from years ago, but when I first got an HD tv, I ditched Tivo for the DVR that the provider provided. I loved Tivo, but it was easier to just switch to their DVR. I recently moved and switched to Charter from DirecTV...I absolutely despise Charter's DVR. It's awful. Horrible...
  3. TiVo Help Center
    I have two XL4 boxes. Out of the blue our TiVo guide, TiVo Central, everything is stuck in SD mode. When I go to Settings, Displays, etc..there is no option for me to switch back to HD. Even the tech I spoke with on the phone was stumped. She suggested I hit the down thumb button, up thumb...
1-3 of 3 Results