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  1. Buyer/Seller Area
    180-hr TiVo HD DVR Model TCD652160 Lifetime subscription Its broken! Pickup Only - Austin TX Price: Free The power supply is making a whining noise and the device no longer boots. The fan is also noisy. The hard drive seems to start to spin up, then stops, and then starts again as if it were...
  2. eBay Auction Central
    Update - GONE! I just canceled cable so now I have an extra used Tivo Bolt (500GB, made in 2017). Comes with three remote controls and two power adapters. Plus, a Vox remote control (never used because it doesn't seem to work with the Bolt). I have a second Bolt - same model - not currently...
  3. TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion
    I just received an email from Tivo stating that for the next 72 hours, I can receive an OTA Bolt for $0 down and free shipping, just a $14.99/month commitment for 2 years. Anyone else here get the same email?
  4. eBay Auction Central
    3 Tivos with Lifetime Service. 2 are Series 1s so obsolete but I've heard some people want them for parts so are offered. The Humax is a Series 2 and is still good but connection so far has been via telephone so a wireless adapter G must be bought ($39.95) from Tivo to connect to Tivo Service...
  5. TiVo Series 1 - UK
    Don't know whether anyone scans this thread anymore, but I have 2 Networked, lifetime subbed S1 Tivos, with many upgrades that I have finally decided need to go from my loft. They are free to anyone who will use them, and pick up from the Solihull area.
  6. eBay Auction Central
    I have two original unmodded UK TiVOs that I used and loved for many years. Unfortunately as I went hdmi/3d/ps3/mythtv I just left these lying around. I've finally moved house and my wife wants me to get rid of them. I want them to go to somebody who will look after and care for them. I'm in...
  7. Buyer/Seller Area
    I've an ancient Humax Tivo (the one with the DVD player). It was at my in-laws house and was working fine when it was taken offline. Which was probably, yikes, like 6 years ago. I upgraded them to a TivoHD. This has been sitting around in it's original box since then. It's gotta go. Anyone...
1-7 of 7 Results