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  1. TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer
    The CBS station WTSP has duplicate listings for the channels. 10.1 WSTPDT, 10.1 WSTP4-LD, 10.2 WSTPDT2, 10.2 WSTP4-LD2, 10.3 WSTPDT3, 10.3 WSTP4-LD3, 10.4 WSTPDT4, and WSTP4-LD4. The "LD" stations are unchecked on the Channel List. They have a very weak signal. All OnePass recordings on the...
  2. TiVo Help Center
    I have an Bolt set up for antenna (only) reception in the Philadelphia suburbs. After I run (or repeat) guided set-up, my channel list includes the following channel (with three sub-channels) - unchecked: 69.1 WFMZ45-LD IND 69.2 WFMZ45-LD2 IND 69.3 WFMZ45-LD3 H&I 69.4 WFMZ45-LD4 RTN-E There...
1-2 of 2 Results