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  1. TiVo Stream 4K
    Hello, in an attempt to cut the cord I bought a 4K and signed up for Sling. Overall I am pleased with it but I have a few questions: 1) Is it possible to program the remote to NOT turn off my sound bar w/the TV. I have a Panasonic TV and Sony sound bar. Every few days they get out of sync...
  2. TiVo Premiere DVRs
    I purchased A DirectTV (RB66 1-1) Remote on e-bay hoping to use with my Tivo Premiere 4 box not a DirectTv tivo box. I can't get anything to work, not even Tivo Central. But everything works fine with my original tivo remote a (RB66 1-2). Is there anyway I can program the DirectTV remote to work...
  3. TiVo Help Center
    TIVO Sires 2 signal tuner. I have direct TV HR/24 with a AM21 offair tuner TIVO program guide does not support this. If I add a off air tuner I get the correct program guide but when I want to see or record a program the TIVO looks for a RF input there is no RF outputs. from direct tv HR/24 with...
  4. TiVo Mini
    I had my TiVo mini set up and working with a TiVo Moca Adapter. But then decided to change from Dish to Directv with that great offer they have. Now by putting a Genie mini in the bedroom, the TiVo won't see the MoCa network anymore. The Directv installer said they were not compatible...
  5. TiVo Help Center
    Will a directtv TiVo Dvr work with Direct Plus. Direct Plus is a community satellite system. There is not a box that is connected to the tv. It is a direct hookup from the wall to a satellite system. If this doesn't work are there any other Dvr options?
1-5 of 5 Results