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  1. TiVo Help Center
    Been working on this for days. I've downloaded some shows from my Tivo Roamio to my Tivo (android) app and would like to stream them to my Roku Streaming stick but there doesn't seem to be a baked in solution in the Tivo app to do so. I don't want to run HDMI cable, prefer a stream to Roku...
  2. TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer
    Hi -- It looks like casting may be a complicated topic. I'm trying to cast videos from different apps to my Bolt -- including YouTube, AMC Theaters, Fox Nation, and Chrome Browser. Mostly, I hit a brick wall and need either an explanation of Bolt's casting or links to on-point articles. Here's...
  3. TiVo Premiere DVRs
    EDIT: Sorry ... had confused the name of the Bolt+ with the XL2. Revised my post to correct. I bought a Bolt+ and a Mini a couple of weeks ago. We've moved into a new house where the XL just wasn't going to be able to satisfy my needs, so I've moved all OnePasses and recorded content from the...
  4. TiVo Roamio DVRs
    Just tried to cast my youtube from my phone to my Roamio Pro but my phone only finds my Tivo Mini, not the Roamio Pro. Any ideas on how to fix this? I've rerun the setup in the Tivo app and looked for settings on my phone and on the Roamio, but no luck. Any help is appreciated. Happy New...
1-4 of 4 Results