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    It looks like no new episodes of BCS this year. Season 5 won't air until 2020. :( Better Call Saul Season 5 Won't Premiere Until 2020
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    from hollywood reporter: 'Breaking Bad' Movie From Creator Vince Gilligan in the Works and la times: 'Breaking Bad' movie in the works, Bryan Cranston says - but who'll be in it? and variety: 'Breaking Bad' Movie in the Works With Series Creator Vince Gilligan (if this is being discussed...
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    I liked Mike's plot the best I think. Not much happened but it was cool seeing how they are going to build the underground lab and how good Mike is at making sure everything is taken care of. Niko is sure to be trouble soon. I was surprised when Jimmy already had a plan for the street kids...
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    Still have not figured out what Kim is doing. Not sure if she's spying on this particular judge or all of them. He certainly did not like her watching. The cousins. Wow. :eek: Mike's "you wanted me to talk so I did" bit was hilarious :D Jimmy is going to really turn that cell phone...
1-4 of 4 Results