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  1. Season Pass Alerts
    Something broke my pass for JoJo. We're still in the middle of the "Stardust Crusaders" arc, and yet I've needed to create a new SP for tonight's episode. The title of the show has not changed, but in two weeks it might, if the next arc is picked up.
  2. Season Pass Alerts
    Tonight on Cartoon Network a new anime series premieres. "Black Clover" only started airing in Japan this past October, and this is the first I've heard of it being on American television. It's part of the [adultswim]/Toonami Saturday night fare. TiVo has it on their schedule, but decided to...
  3. Season Pass Alerts
    It appears that the first half hour (e.g. 3:00-3:30pm) has the incorrect show listed. I think this started Friday 10/27 at midnight. For those of us who record Adult Swim anime, this will be an issue this week and next. This issue is occurring around the clock from :00 to :30 apparently. Mods...
  4. Season Pass Alerts
    the anime "Hunter x Hunter" on Cartoon Network's latenight [adult swim] block must have gotten a new series ID. My current season pass fails to see it, and TiVo is asking me to create a new pass to pick up tonight's episode. Looks like it was going to fail to pick up next week's ep as well, so...
1-4 of 4 Results