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  1. TiVo Upgrade Center
    Thanks to mfstools and jmbach, I recently successfully upgraded my TiVO Roamio internal HDD to 8 TB (was at 3 TB before that). Since HDDs are prone to failure and I have a lot of new recordings now, I would hate to lose my recordings if the drive fails. I already have an extra 8 TB external...
  2. TiVo Upgrade Center
    For those that are interested in maxing their Premiere, RussMuscle and I developed a procedure with a new tool that can be used to expand your premiere to 8TB. No intermediate drive is necessary. First pick up the latest MFSTools from the post here. Then follow the following procedure. sdX is...
  3. eBay Auction Central
    Ok, so this TiVo has everything you could want (except its white). I modified a TiVo bolt by making a small notch in the back panel and running a SATA cable from the board to a Rosewill External Hard Drive case with an eSATA connection. I didn't burn a hole in the top of the case or drill a...
1-3 of 3 Results