youtube channels on Tivo?

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    This may be better posted in the wishes category instead but maybe someone knows how to do it already...

    I would like to be able to set up youtbue channels on my Tivo so I can easily watch you tube videos on my tivo. Any ideas on how to do this?
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    You can come close.....

    Check ***this*** out. I use this with ***pyTivo***. You start playing the .flv (flash) video on youTube (in the browser on your PC) then click this link. It downloads the video, which you then transfer to TiVo using pyTivo. You can start watching as soon as the transfer starts. (Your PC and the TiVo must be network connected.)

    Hint: With the version I use you have to add the .flv extension to the download file name.
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    Another way to get videos to show up on your tivo is to simply drag them to your Tivo folder on your PC c: drive. As long as they are in a format that your TIVO recognizes you should be fine. Once the file is on the PC in the correct location make sure your PC and TIVO are connected by launching the TIVO desktop application... Then go to your now Play list and the PC should appear at the bottom of the list... Connect to it and choose the program you want to transfer....

    If you have any other questions feel free to contact me directly...
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    Here's how I do it..

    I download the .flv file by way of a firefox addin or go to one of the half dozen or so websites that will download them for you (do a google search).

    Then I use "Super" (It's a freebie - Google it) to convert to mpg format..

    then all you have to do is drop it in your TIVO directory.

    I'm amazed how good they turn out.. providing the original was decent...

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