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  1. CARE08

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    Jun 4, 2015


    Okay, I really tried to avoid asking a question but I need teh helpz. I'll reward you with MEME's I steal from interesting FB posts and Tumblerz.

    Here is what I am trying to do:

    Set up MoCa network with Roamio Pro & Mini

    Here is what I have:

    Internet/Cable Connection & Router (Netgear)
    1 - Tivo - Roamio Pro
    1 - Tivo - Mini
    2 - Actiontec MoCA Network Adapters
    2 - 3ghz Splitters
    2 - DVRs Cable Boxes (Time Warner Cable)
    1 - Tuning Adapter (Time Warner Cable)
    1 - Signal Amplifier (Time Warner Cable)

    Here is what is coming:

    1 - POE Filter
    1 - Another Actiontec MoCA Network Adapter

    Here is what I have tried:

    - Changed out all the old splitters (1ghz) to new splitters (3ghz)
    - Connected network MoCA adapter to Modem (Worked)
    - Tried to setup a MoCa through the Roamio Pro and it wouldn't connect and gave the C33 error that you all seem to love so much. I called TiVO and basically they are hoping that either the POE filter will help or that I'll stop calling them.
    - Tried removing the signal amplifier and it just made my cable fuzzy and didn't help the MoCa network connect.

    Here is what I am doing now:

    -Currently I have the Roamio Pro connect to the Actiontec Adapter. So 1 at the router and one on the Roamio. The Ethernet works/Coax does not.

    My Problem and Plea for help:

    Is there any troubleshoot I am missing? Is it possible that the POE will make the entire system magically work? If so, yay!

    I have another Actiontec coming because I figure worst case scenario I can just add one more to the Mini and make "Ethernet" bridges out of all of them. Problem is, the Ethernet on the Roamio Pro is moving slower than it being connected to my wi-fi.

    Any help, advice, newb smack down...I'll take it.
  2. CoxInPHX

    CoxInPHX COX Communications

    Jan 14, 2011
    Phoenix, AZ
    You need to read the first post in this thread:

    Is the Roamio Pro connected to the router with an Ethernet cable?
    • If so you do not need any MoCA Adapters, just enable Ethernet+MoCA on the Roamio Pro. Select "Use this DVR to create a MoCA network"
    • If not, then you need just 1 MoCA adapter, (one at the router) but do not Select "Use this DVR to create a MoCA network" on the Roamio Pro, instead Select "Connect using MoCA" You do not want two devices creating two MoCA networks.
    If you have a Cisco Tuning Adapter and you are not using a splitter the TA is blocking the Roamio Pro's MoCA signal. TA needs to be cabled like the following and you need a POE filter in front of the TA.

    If the Signal Amp is not MoCA Bi-Directional and it sits between any device that transmits or receives MoCA that is blocking the MoCA signal.
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  3. fcfc2

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    Feb 19, 2015
    +1 for recommendations from CoxInPHX.
    What we are missing is an understanding of how your home is wired and where the amp is located as well as what type of amp it is. Is it a one in, one out type or one in with multiple out ports. Does it have a make, model #, is there any mention of "MoCA" on it? All non MoCA bypass amps will kill any MoCA network trying to pass data through them. The worst are the standard multiport ones because they usually cannot be used at all. The best location for any amp, by the way, is as close to the main feed coming into the house as possible. The 3GHz splitters were not the best choice but will probably work ok. There are true "MoCA rated" splitters available which are designed to pass MoCA frequencies in the most efficient manner.
    If your Roamio is close enough, you should run an ethernet cable directly to your router, if not then setup a MoCA adapter near the router and enable MoCA on the Roamio. You don't need another adapter for the Mini just enable MoCA as directed.
    The most likely problem you are having is with the type and placement of the amp from TWC. You can buy MoCA bypass amps but you might be able to get one from TWC for free???
    You most likely will need more than one POE/ WholeHome DVR filter, one on the main feed/ input to your home at the first splitter and at least one more for your TA. Below are some links to any and all equipment you are likely to need.
    Tech Tool Supply
  4. CARE08

    CARE08 New Member

    Jun 4, 2015
    Thanks a lot for your massive detailed help.

    I tried to put up an awesome thank you meme, but until I have more posts the forum will not let me. So really, thank you.:D:up:

    So, I got the MoCa network to work with putting POE filters on all the outside connections and then one of on the cable split. For the record, if anyone is dealing with Time Warner Cable, they came out and gave/installed the POE filters for free. Handed me about 6 of those suckers all totals and got the lines all pretty.


    The Roamio Pro is working great now. -Check
    I started this whole thing to hook up a Mini to the MoCa network. I had bought a used Mini off Ebay and long story short, I can't use it because the old owners didn't de-authorize it. The thing is I got THAT Mini to connect to the MoCa network just fine.

    So I think, "I'll just get a new one" and I go to Best Buy and get a new Mini.

    I get all cocky, go to connect to the MoCa network, and C33 error.

    Just to check, I hooked the old one back up to see if the MoCa network work in it and it does.

    Any ideas? Just a bad mini?
  5. CoxInPHX

    CoxInPHX COX Communications

    Jan 14, 2011
    Phoenix, AZ


    The Mini off eBay - There is no way for the previous owner to remove it from their account. You just need to call TiVo and give them the TSN# on the bottom and ask them to move it to your account.

    EDIT: Are you saying that you cannot even get a network connection to run Guided Set-Up on the new Mini?
    If so not sure what to do, except move it temporarily to the router and use an Ethernet cable to run Guided set-up, assuming you have a Monitor with an HDMI port near your router.

    You will have to Run Guided set-up on the Mini, which you have probably already done. And activate it on the TiVo website.

    Make several Network connections to TiVo from both the Mini and the Roamio. Reboots may be required.
    Make sure the DVR Host is selected In Settings on the Mini
    It may take 24 hours for the Mini to see the Roamio, but it really should not, if you make those Network connections and reboot both devices.
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  6. krkaufman

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    Nov 25, 2003
    I don't see the harm in returning your newest Mini to Best Buy, giving the MoCA issue as the reason; then pick-up another and give it a try at the same location where the old/eBay Mini worked. It *could* be a bad Mini.

    edit: Another option is to test the Mini by putting it as near your Roamio Pro as possible. As a test, temporarily put a compatible 1x2 coax splitter in front of the Roamio Pro and connect 1 output to the Roamio Pro and the other to the Mini -- then see if the Mini can connect to the MoCA network. If it can, then your issue is likely with your coax network layout (cables, splitters, amp, PoE filters); if it cannot, it could be the Mini or the network.
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  7. Ben_Jamin75

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    Dec 18, 2003
    Monroe, MI
    Depending on the software version the new mini shipped with, it could be the problem. When I set up my mini last fall, it realllllly didn't like moca for guided setup until it got it's software updated.

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