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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by frankincensed, Jan 27, 2012.

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    After shutting my Tivo account 3 years ago & vowing never to come back, last night I made the plunge again & despite my misgivings, purchased a premiere XL box at a local store. My reason for doing so was so I had the full 30 days in which to return it & cancel the tivo service under the money back period. I envisioned all sorts of problems with TWC getting the cable card & tuning adapter paired with the box, but much to my surprise & delight, it only took about an hour before the box was up & running with all my subscribed channels present & accounted for, including HBO! I was a happy camper ready again to sing the praises of Tivo. That was until the next morning when I realized I was using the SD menu as opposed to the HD menu. No big deal thought I, & after reading how to change it when to switch it over, only to find that everytime I did, the box would freeze & have to be rebooted. Here we go again. So I call CSR & tell them the problem. Oh no big deal sir, you are on the 1400 upgrade & we are at 1409 (or some such number) & in just 72 short hrs you should be at 1405...WTF!! After paying 300 schmakers for this thing I cant even get a current upgrade or use the HD menu. So he gives me a "tip" on how I can force a download of the upgrade. I ask why they just cant force the upgrade from there, gives me some CSR speak that basically translates into no can do if you do it it will be faster....so I DIY'd it, & of course am on the same software version as when I started out. I feel that old Tivo burn starting in my gut again.:eek: Anyone out there also having issues with the HD menu or know how to get the software version of my box up to speed? Thanks

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