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    Nov 24, 2003


    I haven't used a Tivo in almost 4 years because Comcast/Xfinity wasn't supporting them with OnDemand. But it looks like now they're supporting the new boxes with full OnDemand access. I have a couple of questions that maybe someone can answer?

    1. Based on a recent post, it looks like it still requires a CableCard to work. Is this true, or is the hardware such that it's compatible right out of the box?

    2. Assuming you need a CableCard, do you need just one, or do you need 4? I know on previous HD Tivos you needed a separate card for each tuner (i.e. if you wanted to be able to record 4 shows at once, you needed 4 separate cards).

    3. Quality and support for CableCard applications used to be horrible. I remember stories of people needing to switch out the cards multiple times before they found one that worked. How long has the Xfinity/Tivo service been available? Are the Comcast service techs going to be able to support it? I can't handle needing to make 20 calls to Comcast before I get it working as advertised.

    4. Is there a separate fee paid to Comcast for the rental of the CableCard. As it stands now, the economics are pretty compelling to go with a Tivo box. Comcast charges $16/month for their HD DVR service. If I can buy a Tivo box, pay them $15/month and not pay some additional fee to Comcast, it's a no-brainer. I can "amortize" the cost of the Tivo box very quickly given how much better the service is than Comcast's DVR software.

    5. Any other opinions on this topic would be welcome.

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    This is only true in certain areas, not Comcast wide. Where are you located? It has not been implemented where I am and they have not announced a date for implementation.

    Yes, still requires a CableCARD. Separate issue. Also requires an Internet connection but it does not have to be Comcast Internet.

    Only the original Series 3 TiVo needed two CableCARDs. The TiVo HD and HD XL could use two single-stream cards or one multi-stream card. The series 4 TiVos only have 1 slot so require a multi-stream card. Cable companies are required to provide a multi-stream card unless you specifically request a single-stream card. A multi-stream card can actually support up to 6 streams.

    If it has actually been implemented in your area, there shouldn't be a problem.

    Officially, Comcast does not charge for the first CableCARD in a device. In reality, they will probably charge you a $9.95/mo "Additional Digital Outlet Fee" unless this is your only digital box. They are also supposed to give you a "User Owned Equipment Credit". Here, that amounts to $2.50/mo for a net $7.45/mo charge.
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    Nov 16, 2012
    I wish there was no cable card! :) You still have to pay an additional $9 or so to comcast when having a Tivo, so you are paying $9 plus the Tivo monthly fee (if you don't have the lifetime membership) it makes having a Tivo financially difficult!

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