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Discussion in 'TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer' started by TrackZ, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. TrackZ

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    Jan 5, 2004


    I'm curious if other folks have the same issues I'm seeing on my Bolt with WWE Network. This app has largely proven to be unreliable for watching monthly PPVs for me.

    I have young kids, so I can't start watching a PPV live at 8:00 PM. I generally start the show around 9 - 10:00. The app offers "watch from beginning" on live shows. So I should be able to sit down at 10:00 and watch the show from the start.

    Every month though this largely fails in various ways. I select "watch from beginning" but it often just jumps me to the current time only and doesn't let me rewind back.

    In addition, the apps often disconnects out, forcing me to "watch from beginning" again and then FF back to where I left off.

    Lastly, it fails often around 11:00 when the show ends. WWE had been immediately reairing the PPVs again at 11:00. So say I was in the last hour of the show, but the wall clock clicked past 11:00, and then the stream died. It forced me out to the menu. I can't start the same show though and go back to where I was because the reair started and it considers that the active show so you can't go past "real time".

    Every time the WWE app on TiVo fails, I switch over to my Xbox One. "Watch from beginning" never fails. The stream hardly ever falters and plays fine for the whole show.

    This happened to me last night with Summerslam. TiVo acting up as described. Xbox app played the show perfectly from beginning without an issue past the 11:00 ending for me.

    I plan to send some feedback to TiVo and WWE. Just trying to see if others experience the same.
  2. cybergrimes

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    Jun 14, 2015
    I have a Roamio but always use my PS3 for live events. It's the same way for my Roku stick-- unreliable live event performance. I've been a subscriber since day 1 and found the PS3 performance to be similar to how TiVo is now, specifically "watch from beginning" was 100% sure to fail when the app first launched, WWE just hasn't optimized it enough on the smaller platforms I guess. I no longer have any real problems with PS3, just occasional dip in quality during big events.
  3. NashGuy

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    May 2, 2015
    I've never used the WWE app, so can't comment on it specifically. That said, your experience doesn't shock me. TiVo just isn't a very good platform for streaming. The Netflix app has ongoing issues with audio drop-outs. It took years to get an updated Hulu app but, like the old one, it turns out to be crash-prone for many users too. The Amazon Video app works OK but the controls are a bit slow, rewinding is awful, and the whole thing needs an update (no support for add-on video subscriptions). The HBO Go and YouTube apps both act a bit flaky and the HBO Go picture quality isn't quite as good as it is on other platforms. (But hey, no complaints about the VUDU app, ha!)

    For me, the convenience of having those apps integrated into the TiVo is negated by all their flaws. IMO, it's better to just switch over to a different input and stream with another device.
  4. rainwater

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    Sep 21, 2004
    I watched all 4 hours of Summerslam live without a single dropout. Performance seemed great for me. My Bolt is connected via MoCA.

    SQUIDWARD360 Member

    May 28, 2010


    It's not just the Bolt. The Roamio is awful for live events or even shows in general. If you try to watch a show while it is also being shown on a schedule there are major problems. My most common issue is that it will show a completely different on demand show. So if i'm watching something that is also being shown in real time on the network I just use the Xbox One.
  6. mattbanks

    mattbanks New Member

    Jul 29, 2016
    well here's my problem. it started recently. i live in est time zone. if a ppv starts at 8 pm eastern, it does not air til 9 est time. i checked my tivo settings and correct time. it worked fine til 2 months ago.

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