Worth of a Series 2 Dual Tuner & Downloading Program Guide Question

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  1. Cathy M

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    Sep 14, 2019


    Hi! I have 2 Series 2 80 hr Dual Tuners that I stopped using in 2015 (though I have run software updates via Ethernet connection, including today - no error messages -, so the hard drives are still working). Each DVR has Lifetime Service on it and I've already had Tivo create 2 Authorization numbers (one for each of the 2 DVR's) to help streamline the process for the new owner(s) transferring the Lifetime service over to themselves.

    One of the reasons I stopped using these 2 DVRs was the fact they became single tuners once my cable company went to all digital. (At that point I upgraded to a Roamio.) I am making sure a new owner is aware of this.

    My question is this: At the time I stopped using these DVRs, they were still properly downloading the program guides without issue. However, I've read some posts where people are unable to and/or having issues downloading their program guides, while others aren't having any difficulty, so I'm wondering if any Tivo software updates that might have come out after I stopped running the program guides myself (since I wasn't using the DVRs) may have possibly affected the ability to download the program guide on these Series 2 dual tuners? (BTW, my DVR's are not OTA capable.) I don't have cable service myself anymore (using YouTube TV), so I'm unable to try downloading a current program guide. Is there any reason I should be concerned a new owner may have difficulty in downloading a program guide with this model Tivo? (I've read some owners have had to record using a date/time and repeat option versus the ability to use a program guide which concerned me if a new owner may anticipate a program guide.) Tivo helped me run a software update the end of 2018, and again today, and they haven't mentioned any issue with being able to download the program guide. In fact, they told me to have the new owner just run the guided set up when they get the DVR.

    Last question: Given the hard drives are working and downloaded the latest software updates without issue, and they both have Lifetime subscriptions on them, what's a fair asking price in selling them?

    Thanks so much!
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  2. ggieseke

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    May 30, 2008
    You don't need cable service to download the guide data. Just hook it up to the internet and let it phone home. The last software update for Series 2s was a few years ago when the guide data changed over to Rovi.

    The resale market for that model is very limited. I have 4 of them with 500GB drives and I can't give them away.
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  3. Mikeguy

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    Jul 28, 2005
    The best "deal" with the Series 2 Lifetimed boxes has been, the TiVo promotions in which one purchases a new Bolt from TiVo and then pays an extra $99 to transfer Lifetime from the old box to the new. Something worth waiting for (and making sure that one's Series 2 box connects up to TiVo periodically, to qualify for). The promotion last was run just a few months ago, though--no assurance when and if it will be run again (although it has been offered a few times, now).
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  4. Hercules67

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    Dec 8, 2007
    That's exactly what I've done.

    I got one Series 2 left to go. Otherwise, I think they're not worth anything.
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  5. shwru980r

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    Jun 22, 2008


    They are kind of a hassle to set up because you have to use a Cable or satellite box with a tivo IR cable. They can't be used anymore without the IR cable to control the set top box. Maybe someone who still uses a Tube TV might want one or someone with an RV with a small screen TV. Many of these types of users might be looking to record OTA TV instead of paying a monthly fee and the Dual tuner S2's do not work with OTA TV. If you're paying a monthly fee for cable or satellite the S2 is not going to provide a good picture on a large screen TV. I think the type of person that might buy these Tivos is someone who doesn't understand the technical details and when they do find out they will realize that they wasted their money.
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