Worth going to Hydra for VOX?

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by mcharkowski, Apr 3, 2020.

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    I've got a Roamio and a couple of Minis, all on lifetime for probably 5+ years at this point. The remote on the Roamio had seen better days so I ordered a new one and the new VOX remote with the bluetooth dongle was actually the cheapest option on Amazon. I had had no interest in "upgrading" to Hydra/UE4, but as I understand it using the voice search functionality would require it. Question, then: Do I upgrade? Is the voice functionality worth it? Hydra's been around for a while now, has it gotten to the point that it actually offers some nice features? Any speed differences on the apps, etc.? Any opinions would be more than welcome.
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    Last time I checked Vox did not work with apps, but just the Tivo software so rather limited. That could have changed though or I could be totally wrong.

    My solution was to buy a 3tb Tivo Bolt and use the slide remote.
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    Vox is really a waste of time on the Tivo, what are you really going to search OTA? and Cable is dying with cable cards, so thats a dead end. For streaming apps? thats a waste too since the apps are no longer updated or any new ones.
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    Ya know what? Watching tv is a waste of time. So is fun family and friends. Why not find an old tube tv and put a coat hanger on the antenna jack? Or maybe not-- waste of time.
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    Many threads here on this topic--you might want to read through a few.

    TE4 has some very nice features, including voice* and AutoSkip, and it's purty eye candy. And you also lose some by moving from TE3, including PC -> TiVo box show transfers, no box-to-box transfers from a box (you need to go to TiVo Online), and no TiVo Live Guide. Also, TE3 doesn't have the despised TiVo pre-roll ads, although you can call TiVo to opt out of that under TE4; TE4 also has a constant 1-line ad for TiVo+ under the TE4 Grid Guide (which cannot be removed), which drives some people batty.

    * Note that you can get some limited voice command capability on a TiVo box using TE3, via Alexa on the Amazon Echo platform (e.g. "Alexa, change the channel to CBS").

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