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    I'm looking for recommendations on setup of a Season Pass or Wish List that will place all the World Cup Soccer matches in a single folder.

    The World Cup is being shown on ESPN2, ESPN and ABC.

    Right now I have two season passes, one for ESPN2, and a second for ABC (have not setup the ESPN pass yet). I believe I'll end up with 2 different folders in the Now Playing list, one for the ESPN2 broadcasts and a second folder for the ABC broadcasts. Anyone know if this is indeed the case for the above setup? Or will they all end up in one folder?

    Alternately, I created a title Wish List for "World Cup Soccer*". View Upcoming Programs for this Wish List shows all the matches, plus repeat broadcasts. If I cancelled the above Season Passes I could turn on auto-record and the "First run only" option for this Wish List and potentially get all the World Cup broadcasts in one folder. Anyone know the behavior of TiVo folders well enough to know this stuff?

    Any insight would be appreciated. thanks :)
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    If you set it to autorecord it'd only record one copy of each game due to the 28 day rule. Just because it shows all of them, doesn't mean they'll all be recorded.

    I don't know how folders work to know if they'd all end up in one. I assume they would.
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    Jun 17, 2004
    When F1 is on Speed and CBS both end up in the same folder for me. I would imagine that it would do the same for the World Cup.
  4. soccergrunt

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    Jan 30, 2005
    your wishlist as set up on autorecord will work.
  5. OLdDog

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    A better WL to do this is a title WL for World Cup with show type "Event" this avoids the possibility of some special show creaping into the recordings.

    Of course you will need to remember to cancel the ARWL before they broadcast the Cricket WC.

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