Working around a blown HDMI port - Resolution Guidance?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by kdmorse, Oct 11, 2019.

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    Short version: Thunderstorm blew the HDMI port on a Tivo Roamio Pro. Yes there's a UPS sitting here, no, neither the Tivo nor the TV were actually plugged in.

    The TV registers an input wherever the Tivo is plugged in, but no picture. I've moved the cables all around, the problem is unfortunately on the Tivo side.

    My TV does to Component in, but only with a dongle which came with the TV, and I have no idea where it is. So I grabbed one of these, hooked it up, it works.

    The results are cheap and perfectly serviceable, but the picture is not nearly as crisp as it used to be. Now, it's entirely possible that in the month I let it sit dead, Comcast went and downrezzed a bunch more channels (*) - but I feel like it's probably the new connection.

    My main question is, is there a 'best' way to set my output/input resolutions in this case? The tivo seems to be outputting 720P? The TV seems to be seeing 1080i? The tivo is currently set to Automatic, and that combination doesn't seem right to me.

    Is this just a fact of life with a component connection, something I'm going to live with until I replace the Tivo? Do I have any better workaround available? Are blown HDMI ports in any way repairable?

    Obviously in the worst case I can replace the Tivo, but I really *very* happy with the current unit, and don't feel overly inclined to replace it.

    * Narrator: They did

    SOGLAD Thank You ALL !

    Aug 17, 2019
    WHOOPS... I replied too quickly. False alarm.


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    I set my TiVo to 1080i which is my tv. Automatic seems to cause issues like lag when changing channels.

    I run hdminow but used to usecomponent when my Roamio was connected to it and I didnt see a difference. Maybe that converter is the issue. My tv has component inputs.
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    The exact same thing happened to my Roamio Plus. UPS and all that between the TV, Tivo, & wall. I was actually watching TV when it went out. The storm was coming but it wasn't here yet and it knocked it out, didn't affect anything but the Tivo's HDMI port. I setup a similar connection on my TV using the component cables, but it kept having a color shift and about once a day I would have to twist one of the cables just a tad to bring the color back. I just got tired of doing that one day and called CS and they sent me a replacement Roamio for $50 (HDMI ports can't be repaired). Unfortunately the HDMI port on this one just failed also and I was back to the component cables, ridiculous. But I just received my Edge yesterday so I'm back on the HDMI cable. Hopefully this one lasts.

    I even used a Component-to-HDMI converter box so I could still use the HDMI port on my TV (trying to avoid that color shifting problem), but eventually went back to a direct component connection since that didn't stop it. But with either connection I didn't notice any change in picture quality.
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    What TV do you have? Odds are it does upscaling better than the Roamio. All but a few HD channels on Comcast are 720p.

    One option is setting the Roamio video output to use 720p only, but that of course would downscale the few 1080i channels and upscale any SD 480i. Check your HD channels for NBC, CBS, CW, etc. See if they are 1080i anyway.

    I believe the best option is to try setting the video for 1080i, 720p, and 480i (use 480p if 480i not available) only. I believe the Roamio will not upscale, but will send the signal that matches the channel. Your TV would then upscale the <1080.

    Stay away from "Automatic" even if the Roamio says that is recommended.
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    We're using component with our Roamio Pro and fixed 1080i resolution because our Onkyo receiver is old enough that it doesn't have any HDMI inputs/outputs. I can't say that we've noticed any difference when compared to our old S3 that we have connected directly to the TV (65" plasma) via HDMI.

    I would probably find/buy the TV component dongle rather than going with the component/HDMI converter (what TV model do you have).


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