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  1. Furmaniac

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    Apr 3, 2018


    There are issues with game shows & other shows on Wishlists .

    Match Game and many other older shows run in the daytime.

    If I type Match Game and then under category I select "daytime: game shows", the show will not record!

    If I remove the category the show will record.

    Why is that?
    If I want to make a wishlist for "match game" with host Gene Rayburn as opposed to host Alec Baldwin, if I put a host in the the wishlist ( Gene Rayburn for example), the show will not record ... and yet for the show itself, Gene Rayburn is listed in the cast. Why is that?
  2. Furmaniac

    Furmaniac Active Member

    Apr 3, 2018
    I made a wishlist with Jeopardy or Match Game as a title.
    I wanted "match game" to be the ones with Gene Rayburn not Alec Baldwin as host.
    (Hosts are in the cast, but wishlists don't see that. I wrote that suggestion up separately.)
    I read the description of Match Game and saw Richard Dawson's name is part of the description, so I typed Richard Dawson as a an optional keyword, so I wouldn't get the new shows starring Alec Baldwin.
    I renamed the Wishlist "Game Shows".
    It looks like this:

    Keyword: (Richard Dawson)
    WL name = GAME SHOWS

    I got Match Game on the "to record" list, as well as "Hogan's Heroes" & movies with Richard Dawson.

    I thought the only shows that should be recording would be Jeopardy or Match Game. Why would other shows show up?
  3. Furmaniac

    Furmaniac Active Member

    Apr 3, 2018
    I have also suggested to TiVo that there be a "Wishlist" category on the 'My Shows' horizontal bar, where all wishlists would be displayed separately from the other shows.
  4. kdmorse

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    Jan 29, 2001
    Germantown, MD
    Categories as listed in the Wishlist UI, and Categories as specified in the guide data have been pretty badly screwed up since the Rovi migration. The category you can select, is Daytime: Game Shows. The shows are tagged Comedy, Game Show. There is no show in the guide that matches the Daytime: Game Shows category, and no Wishlist category I can find that will pick up shows tagged Comedy, Game Show.

    Similar problems exist trying to manage wishlists for Science Fiction, or other similar genre's - which have one by one been kinda but not really fixed. The wishlist by category feature is 'barely' functional at best right now. Unless you know the show you're looking for properly sorts under the category in question - best not to use it.

    You have created a wishlist that will pick up shows named Jeopardy, or Match Game, *or* have Richard Dawson in the description. I don't think you can do what you're looking for in one WishList. Best to have one for Jeopardy, and one for Title: Match Game + Keyword: Richard Dawson. And that only works because of Rovi's extremely verbose description that includes the bit about launching Richard Dawson's career.

    You could probably do it the other way around if you really wanted. Keep (Jeopardy), (Match Game) in there as optional (or's). And find some text that's in the Match game you *don't* want, and put it in the keyword field as an excluded, so it shows as "-WrongText". The problem there is you're going to get a lot of false positives, such as episodes of Fraisure named "Match Game", etc.. So you add a "-Fraisuer", etc... and it becomes an unending battle if you want to try to keep it clean.

    Not a bad idea. I would use it.
  5. Furmaniac

    Furmaniac Active Member

    Apr 3, 2018


    Thank you for replying .
    Your responses were a big help to me.
    I did find a category that works with Match Game: its "Interests > game shows" and it works! I am trying to use wishlists in the way that Dish Network has user-generated folders, something I wish TiVo would do. I want to see folders for game shows, documentaries, favorite actors, etc., so perhaps I will try the game show folder with Match Game or Jeopardy and put the minus next to some keyword that would be in the Alec Baldwin version of the program.
    Do you have any clue why the hosts of game shows and some other types of programs as well, are listed in the cast, but they don't show up in wishlists as keywords or actors? I made a suggestion to TiVo that they correct this.
  6. Furmaniac

    Furmaniac Active Member

    Apr 3, 2018
    I was a systems designer. If I was a younger man and not retired I would probably want to work for TiVo and make any corrections to the system. I have documented many issues in the past and now I have sent TiVo more suggestions to correct issues with WishLists:

    1) When entering the Title field of a WishList, I wanted shows that start with "Food:" (with a colon), but the results showed everything that had "Food" in the title or episode, not "Food:". Why have the colon on the screen if it doesn't do anything? Better yet, why not make it work?

    2) On the WishList screens, you can exit the text box with the Advance key, but that doesn't work in the Rename field. It should be consistent and work in both fields.

    3) The Rename field has no edit capability. If one wants to change it, he or she needs to type the whole thing over. It should be consistent with the other fields and be editable.

    4) It's very time-consuming to make a WishList entry which you want to be optional or excluded.
    - First you have to type the entry,
    - then you have to move over to the right and find the entry (tons of keypresses!),
    - then you have to push a thumbs key,
    - and finally you have to go all the way up to "Done with keywords" or "Save this keeyword & add another".
    Wouldn't it be better if one could indicate if it's included, optional or excluded right inside the text box?
    You could have 3 indicators in the text box as you do for CLR, DEL, etc., which would be:
    INCL, OPT and EXCL.
    When pressed after typing in the word or phrase, it would move the cursor out of the text box and move it to "Done Updating Keywords" on the right. On the list of items below, that item would be added and displayed as:
    Included, (Optional) or -Excluded.

    5) As I've indicated in another suggestion, new WishList entries also belong on the WISHLIST tab of Tivo's home screen. You can add an "A" selection to create a new WishList.

    6) I wish you would fix this as well:
    I made a WishList to record shows that Scott Baio is in. He has also directed shows (that he didn't appear in), so I wanted to exclude the shows that he directed.
    For some reason that doesn't work! I should be able to put Scott Baio as an actor and Scott Baio as a director with an excluded indicator as the director:
    That should tell the program that I want everything with Scott Baio as an actor but nothing with him as a director. It doesn't work if you put that in. Nothing will show up at all.

    7) Lastly, I tried to add an actor/singer named Dion to the actors list of a WishList. If you go to Search and you type his name, it comes up with "Dion" (several screens down). His full name is not in the list, but if you type it: "Dion DiMucci" it dislays (albeit, wrongly as "di Mucci"), but its him. From these choices you can only make OnePasses, Not WishLists. (That should be corrected!)
    So, since I want a WishList, I select NEW WISHLIST and try to type either Dion or Dion DiMucci (or Dion di Mucci) in the Actorsfield. For some reason I can type Dion Dimucci, but he doesn't show up in the actors screen. Many performers are like that. They show up in the original screen but not the WishList actors screen.
    What's worse is that you cannot type "Dion" into the Actors field in a WishList at all. It forces you to select an actor from the list such as Dion Johnstone or Dion Graham and you cannot just type "Dion" from that screen. This is also a bug.
    So now I'm forced to put "Dion" and "Dion Di Mucci" as optional keywords. You know what I get? Shows with every Dion imaginable... Dion Graham, Dion Johnstone even Celine Dion! So now I have to look up every Dion and put each one in as an exclusion. Please fix this and consider all the other suggestions above.
    Thank you.
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  7. Furmaniac

    Furmaniac Active Member

    Apr 3, 2018
    When I search for Steve Allen, TiVo shows that he is in the movie Casino.

    When I search for the movie Casino it shows Steve Allen in the cast.

    Casino is cuurently in the Guide.
    When I make a wishlist for Steve Allen, and I even select him from the list whether I put him as an actor or as a keyword, TiVo does not display the movie Casino to record. Why is that?

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