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    May 23, 2006


    I am trying to record my Devils games in HD and i have 2 wishlists set up on my S3 that i set up the exact same way on my S2 except with 1 minor change.

    I am using a keyword wishlist. The wishlist is setup as Devils/Sports/Sports Event. i also have another set up that is exactly the same except that its sports non-event. This allows me to record both the pregame show and the actual game.

    When i set this up on my S3 i added in HD so it looks like DEVILS & HD/Sports/Sports Event. This wishlist comes up completely empty which doesent make sense since I can see multiple shows in HD on FSNNY HD that are about the Devils and have Devils in the title. So i figure maybe the HD part is throwing everything off. However when I take out the HD and have it just as it was on the S2 it only picks up the SD broadcasts of the games.

    I can set a season pass but both the devils and islanders play on FSNNY and its anoying to have to go through and cancel all the islanders games and their pregame show.

    I also just tried Rangers as the keyword instead of Devils so it read Rangers & HD/Sports/Sports Event and it found all of the rangers upcomming games, I also tried Islanders (which also play on FSNNY HD) and their upcomming games are found!!!!! Why does my S3 hate the Devils?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Does anyone know what the problem could be?

    the software is 8.3.1 and i have 2 cablecards from cablevision that work great so far. if i need any other info let me know. Thanks

    UPDATE:: i just realized that in the guide data, next to the islanders and rangers games it says (Blackout, HD) but next to the Devils it says (Blackout, R) I don't know why it doesent say HD next to the Devils since its on FSN NY HD. Even so, when I search in a wishlist (without HD) the FSN NY HD should show up along with the FSN NY broadcast.

    UPDATE 2:: So it turns out that I'm a moron because I never knew that only Home games are broadcasted in HD...so if you've made it to the end of this sorry :D

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