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    I have a Wishlist (not autorecord) set up that includes the keyword "Manchester" with the category Sports/Soccer.

    This was successful all of the last English Premier League season. This year, when I search for shows matching my Wishlist, it finds the first game (this Sunday August 12), and several repeats, but NOTHING after August 13.

    If I manually record time/channel, I see a Manchester United game on Setanta on Wednesday, August 15. When I click on <INFO> for more details, it shows me the data I expected to see - Manchester in keyword search, and Sports/Soccer for category.

    1. Is anyone else experiencing this or a similar issue?

    2. Any ideas on why the Wishlist doesn't see past August 13?

    ** Please note that I do have Guide Data for the next two weeks as I have many shows in my To-Do list. If I check another Wishlist, I also see shows listed for the next couple of weeks. So it seems to be something with that particular Wishlist.

    Should I just delete & recreate the Wishlist entry?
    Edit - I just tried that but the results are the same...

    Edit - I just created a new Wishlist with Keywords "English Premier". It finds a large number of entries (including many past the August 13 date), but again oddly enough, it doesn't display the Manchester United vs Portsmouth game listed on Setanta at 2:45pm on Wednesday, August 14. So it seems to be an issue with that particular listing. Hmmm...

    Should I reset machine (will that force a "rebuild" of program data)?

    Thanks for any ideas!


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