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    1. Is there a way to specify movies 3 stars or greater? What about 2.5 stars or better?

    2. How do I get documentaries from 2006? When I set up a search, I only get the ones that are listed only as documetaires or docudrama, but not if it is documentary and one or more additional catagories.

    3. Other than setting up a manual recording for 11:35 to 12:30(or whatever time), how can I record the tonight show without also getting the repeat that is show in the wee hours of the morning? I elieve this is a guide problem that Tivo has no control over, but I would hve thought that is ould have been corrected after all these years.
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    1. No

    2. There are two "documentary" categories: Documentary and Movies/Documentary. You probably want keyword 2006 and category Movies/Documentary. Date keywords work only for movies, not TV shows.

    3. You can't. If manual recording bothers you, you can set the season pass to "Keep at Most = 1."

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