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    Aug 26, 2005


    Just upgraded to HD and moved my Dtivo upstairs. Unfortunately only one wire is run to the bedroom. Dtv came out and installed the new 5 LNB dish and the inputs are run to my basement where there is a 8 way multiswitch that distributes the signal throughout the house. Can I split the wire in the bedroom to use both Tivo inputs. I didn't think so but thought I would ask.

    One other thing, the DTV installer used a different 8 way multiswith in the basement for the install and I still have the 8 way switch he removed. Can I hook up the one wire coming into the bedroom to my old 8 way switch and then use two outputs on the switch to hook up to the Tivo.

    Any other ideas that would not involve a new wire run to the upstairs bedroom would be appreciated.


  2. HiDefGator

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    Oct 12, 2004
    You will need a to run another wire from the new multiswitch to the dvr.

    Splitting the existing wire will not work. Adding your old switch to it will not work either.
  3. JimSpence

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    The old switch will need four connections from the new switch in order to work. But, then it will only get the 101/110/119 sats.

    This info doesn't help with your problem, but thought I'd throw that out for others that might ask.:)

    As previous mentioned, you need to run a second line if you want dual tuners on the bedroom DVR.

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