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    Jun 10, 2002


    I have a nice setup but I want to be able to take the video output on my TV and wirelessly transit to an LCD monitor (VGA interface) in the kitchen.

    Here are the gory details....

    I have 2 Dtivos and 1 HDtivo as well as DVD, and VCR running into a Yamaha reciever and then to a LCD TV hung in the living room. I also have the video out going to a TV in the bedroom. I would like to take the signal from the living room TV (and only the video on the TV!) and wirelessly transmit it to an older LCD PC monitor (vga interface)
    This would be in the Kitchen. While cooking you can hear the TV in the living room fine, but cant see it due to the large ceiling mounted pan rack between the kitchen area and the living room.

    Because of the setup, I do not need the video to be tunable, just a repeat of the picture. What is unique is I want to do this with a LCD monitor and wirelessly. I have seen some wireless video transmitters, but the NTSC to VGA box is about the same size as the wireless reciever and I would like a single box solution.
    Any help is appreciated.
  2. JimSpence

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  3. Guindalf

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    Jun 13, 2001
    Try www.x10.com. They have a video sender that may do the trick.

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