Wireless TiVo Bolt+ with multiple TiVo Minis

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by woodp, Jun 18, 2017.

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    Just relocated and am trying to take advantage of TiVo's Bolt+ offer - My concern is that my new house is completely wireless and I'd need several TiVo Minis. I do, however, have Google WiFi boxes throughout the house, and all receive strong signals from the master Google WiFi box.

    So my question becomes - Any chance I could use the RJ-45 output of the Google WiFi to drive the individual Tivo Minis? If it matters, I'm now on Spectrum and regularly see 100Mbps signal rates.

    Google WiFi: Google Wifi - Home Mesh Wi-Fi System - Google Store
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    There is a chance you could make it work, but I would not count on it. Best I could say it to give it a try, and know you have 30 days to return TiVo stuff if you get dissatisfied.

    I know nothing about your house age or type of construction, but if there is any coax installed in the house, consider trying MoCA connections. Also know that running some Ethernet cables is usually not too tough in just about any type of construction (especially if you are not trying to wire the whole house).
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    Don't discount Powerline, I you have a decent electrical system it will resolve your issue better than any wifi involved solution.
    Are there cable outlets so you can use MoCA?
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    Echoing the above queries, any amount of Ethernet or wired connectivity for your devices will improve your overall chances for success, especially if the DVR can be wired via Ethernet or/and MoCA to your primary router.

    Given you're on Spectrum and are looking at a BOLT+, you should at least be able to establish a wired network connection between the BOLT+ and your main router, via MoCA if an Ethernet connection isn't possible. And then each additional Mini connected via MoCA or Ethernet back to the router takes the burden off the workaround networking solution, whether Wi-Fi or Powerline.

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    You say you have cable then you say your house is "completely wireless". Normally if you have cable, they provide coax throughout the house for free, at least it was free decades ago when we got cable. How are you watching TV now in your "completely wireless" house?

    If it was me, I'd get Spectrum to wire the house with coax and then use MOCA.
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    If you have a file server in the house, connect a PC wired to your Google WiFi unit and transfer some large files. Your file server should be wired to Google WiFi assuming you'll be connecting your Bolt Plus to the Google WiFi unit by wire.

    You need a clean 2.5MByte/sec stream for each mini. As long as each location can get that (with no pause/freezes in the transfer) it will work. There is enough theoretical bandwidth in 802.11AC to support several minis if everything was in the same room, but once you start moving stuff around the theoretical speeds go down, so the quickest way to get a ballpark is to test file transfers. If there are issues, sometimes things can be tuned or networks isolated or units relocated.

    As the previous folks mentioned anything you can offload to MoCA would be useful. If you could offload all TiVo activity to MoCA that would be best.

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