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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by tedrik, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Received my premier on Tuesday-it connected to my internet easily and have had a stable connection up until today (good for 3 days). I have the tivo connected with a lynksey adaptor(ethernet port of TIVO) with the other adapter to my gateway router. I called Tivo help-they said tivo only supports with the tivo adapter (told my wife they'd say that). They said I need to buy the tivo wireless adapter. BTW my router is only about 35feet from the tivo. When I try to force the connection I get an N33 failure message- also N07 saying problem is with router (cannot connect to gateway message)-I unplugged and replugged..

    My lynsey adpters have worked with everything else-but not the TIVO (all though it did for 3 days. Any help/suggestions before I buy a TIVO adapter? Thanks

    I found the fix- Instead of continuously trying to re-connect to the internet-I clicked on something like "reconfigure IP address"-it changed from the initial address (that TIVO choses)-the connection was not as strong-then I unplugged the linksey adapter from the surge protector and plugged into a plug by itself and the strength surged-all working fine now. I wish the techs had offerred some help.
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    It sounds like what you have is a wireless bridge setup if it is connected to the Tivo ethernet port. The Tivo G adapters connect to a USB port. Not sure about the Tivo N adpaters. Try setting the Tivo to use a fixed IP address. I have one Tivo that will only work that way. What I am using is older Linksys WRT54G routers that I've flashed with DD-WRT to turn them into repeater bridges.
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    Start by getting a 40 foot Ethernet cable and hardwiring it.

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